Parking Multilevel Display WW16-2, WW16-3, WW16-4 VMS

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Display WW16-2, WW16-3, WW16-4 multi-level external two, three or four levels of three digits 16 cm with yellow high-brightness LED's. Available in two solutions p5 or p10.

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Systems for indicating free parking spaces in multi-storey. Display family in a single housing for two, three and four levels.

The display indicates the number of free parking spaces within the car park or several car parks. The place of display installation should be the access road to the given parking lot. The driver driving the access road to the parking lot, on the basis of the display indications, decides whether to enter a given parking lot and a given level.
Further, in the area of ​​one parking lot the basic indications are bunk displays, zone displays as well as signaling devices of individual places along the avenues.

Technical data:

Overall dimensions (W x H x D): 700 x 1000 x 140 mm

Weight: approx. 9,000 g

Working principle: Three-digit panels with LED matrix with wide angle and high brightness 16x32 pixel

Installation: outside on the wall or on the supporting structure near the access road to the parking lot

Digits: 160 mm high, yellow or RGB, brightness min 5000 NIT

Working temperature: -35 ° C - + 70 ° C

Power consumption: max 100W

Power supply: 230 V AC I = max 1.2A

Communication bus: Addressable RS485 address 0 to 61. Optional Ethernet or LoRa

Degree of protection: IP65

Housing: Frame: aluminum profile powder coated in light gray. Plexiglass windshield

Mounting method: Eight 5mm fi screws. Installation through openings outside the outline of the enclosure directly to the wall or supporting structure.

Connectors: 100cm cables lead out
   - UTP to signal
   - power supply: 3x1mm2 cable

Cable entry: Through two openings in the housing for power supply and communication. PG9, PG11 glands

Backlight: White LED high brightness

Fixed graphics: 'P' highlighted. A place for dedicated graphics and other markings. Illuminated graphics made of Translucent


Karta katalogowa WW16

Karta katalogowa wyświetlacza wielopoziomowego WW16

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