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RS16 Group Hub for a group of Parking Space Occupancy Detectors

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Systems for indicating free parking spaces.

The Group Hub supports up to 256 parking space detectors. The detectors are connected to the concentrator by means of 16 buses that support up to 16 addressable detectors each. The bus for SON-1 detectors is carried out in the form of a twisted pair cable type YTKSY 2 * 2 * 0.8mm. One pair of twisted-pair cable is a communication bus in the RS485 standard and the other pair of twisted-pair wires supplies 24V DC power to the detectors installed on this branch. KG group concentrators communicate with the Central Hub (KC). Communication takes place via the RS485 connection. Information about the state of occupancy of each parking space is sent to Central Hub. KC performs a collective statement of parking occupancy and sends feedback information to bunk displays and aggregate displays. Communication with displays is also done via the RS485 link via Group Hubs (KG).
In addition, commands addressed to individual detectors are sent via the return path from KC to KG. In this way, you can change the detector settings including the update / modification of the detector software. The standard KC serves up to 16 KG. Therefore, the total number of detectors supported by the system with one KC is max. 4096.

Technical data:

Overall dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 380 x 120 mm

Weight: approx. 2100 g

Housing: Olan OL20026 installation cassette

Installation: Under a roof, on a support pole or on the wall at the point of confluence with the detectors

Power supply: 230V AC tolerance from 90V AC to 260V Ac

Internal power supply: 24V MeanWell type SP150-24, SP200-24 or SP320-24 adapted to the number of detectors supported (up to 130 detectors, up to 190 detectors and up to 256 detectors)

Power protection: S 10A fuse in the housing

Power consumption: Max 320W - in accordance with the characteristics of the power supply used

Working temperature: -35 ° C - + 70 ° C

Degree of protection: IP54 / under a roof

Communication buses: RS485 addressable with a capacity of 16 addresses each. 24V power supplied in parallel protected by 2A fuses

Mounting method: Screws in the back plate of the housing.